The Application may be used by Users (defined below) to avail Services and/or to find, access, manage and organize information including but not limited to personal or non-personal information, doctor/consultant information, appointments, prescriptions, laboratory and diagnostic tests, drug delivery, electronic medical records, billing, inventory, accounting details and other relevant information.


“Registered Users” are users:

  • who have successfully registered themselves with AYUSH through the Application by providing information that is true and accurate, and who can log on to their account on the Application by providing their username and password (“Primary User”); or
  • whose profile has successfully been created on the Application under the account of a Primary User, by providing information that is true and accurate (“Secondary User”).


Access and use the Services subject to such limitations and restrictions as are prescribed under the Agreement or may be otherwise communicated to Registered User from time to time through any contact information shared by such user at the time of registration.


As required by law, You must be at least 18 years of age or older, have a sound mind and not debarred by any law to contract in order to access and use the Application and Services as a Primary User. In case the Application or Services are to be accessed or used by a minor (i.e. a person less than 18 years of age), then only the legal guardian/representative of such person shall register himself/herself as a Primary User and create/add the profile of the minor as a Secondary User.

All Services will be requested for, and provided to, the Primary User only. A Secondary User may avail the Services rendered to the Primary User only as a beneficiary. The Primary User will be entirely responsible and accountable for the Secondary User’s activity on the Application, as if the Application and Services were being accessed and used by the Primary User.

You will use the Application and the features provided on the Application only in relation to and in compliance with all applicable Indian laws. You will not use this Application, or any feature provided on the Application for any purposes not intended under this Agreement.

You will not deliberately use the Application in any way that is unlawful or harms the Department of AYUSH, its directors, employees, affiliates, distributors, partners, service providers and/or any User and/or data or content on the Application.

You will not use the Application for any illegal, immoral, offensive purpose or for any other purpose that may infringe or violate any applicable laws and regulations.

You will not interfere, disrupt or hamper with the proper functioning of the Application.

You understand that as part of Your registration process as well as in course of Your use of the Application, You may receive communication from the Department of AYUSH, MP on Your registered contact information. These communications will relate to Your registration, Services provided by the Department of AYUSH, MP, transactions that You carry out through the Application and any such information found suitable for Your attention by the Department of AYUSH, MP. Please note that the Department of AYUSH, MP will send these communications only to the contact details that You or doctors provide on the Application. By accepting these Terms of Use You provide Us Your consent to collect Your medical records and/or reports from the doctors.

The minimum age requirement of 18 years does not apply to any Service that is open to children and adolescents from Age 1-18.


You are advised not to use the AYUSH app online consultation services in case of any medical emergencies like accidents, bleeding injuries, burns, sexual abuse/assault, medicolegal cases or if You are in a critical condition.

If You are a Registered User but do not satisfy the above pre-conditions, please do not avail the online consultation services. The Department of AYUSH, MP will not be responsible or liable for any harm or loss that You may suffer if You elect to access those Services.

Online consultation services are provided at the express consent of the User and the same shall not be construed as a replacement for physical consultation and the Services are meant for general consultation only. If after online consultation, if it is recommended to undergo any diagnostic tests or if You are issued with a Prescription, the same are provided based on the information and preliminary examination, hence the same shall not be treated as accurate, final and conclusive. The doctor reserves their rights to modify the prescription or recommended diagnostic tests if the User provides any additional information in future consultation.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

  1. In case the doctor, with whom the user has booked an appointment, is unable to provide consultation at the scheduled time, the user will have to inform us in writing at within 2 working days from the occurrence of such an event. In such a case, a full refund of the consultation amount mentioned on the app at the time of booking the appointment will be provided to the user within 2-4 working days by the original payment mode used by the user.
  2. In case the user is not available or does not answer the call when the doctor initiates the consultation and also has not cancelled the appointment beforehand, no refund shall be provided to the user.
  3. In case the doctor is not able to attend the user at the exact scheduled time, the patient is expected to wait until the doctor connects. No refunds shall be provided in such cases. It is imperative that the user might need to wait for the doctor in their virtual waiting rooms where tentative wait time is also shown.
  4. Users are free to cancel the booked appointments at any time. For cancellation of paid appointments, AyushQure shall process the refund of your payments within 2-4 business days. In case of any discrepancies, you may write to us at